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Truck Refurbishment

Give your trucks a second life.


Truck Refurbishment:

Fast Action has been in business for over 10 years because of our commitment to our customers.


The complete truck overhaul includes a true, down to the frame rebuild, and if your truck needs that… we will do it.

Every component will be inspected and replaced or repaired as needed.

We do not take any shortcuts.

Our commitment to quality extends to every component on your truck.


Reconditioning and refurbishing entirely rebuilds the exterior of your truck. A good truck rehabilitation job can extend the life of your commercial vehicle for up to ten years! Fast Action offers a cost savings reconditioning solution that gives those older trucks new life.


Whether it’s just replacing a few parts, or a total ground-up recondition, Fast Action offers different options to restore your old truck to like new again…without the new truck price tag.


Fast Action can provide cosmetic repairs for all makes and models. Fast Action understands that every overhaul job is different, and handles each situation separately according to your specific needs.


Fast Action has over 10 years of extensive experience restoring used commercial trucks to extend the lifetime of a service vehicle and provide a higher return on investment.


Refurbishing used trucks provide significant cost savings over purchasing a brand new chassis, and can extend the life of the commercial vehicle by more than a decade when appropriately done; in many cases doubling the original lifespan of the truck.


Fast Action Body Repair specializes in reconditioning and refurbishing:


  • Cement Mixers
  • Concrete Pumps
  • Aluminum Beverage Trucks
  • TMA / Attenuator Trucks
  • Cone Safety / Pattern Trucks
  • Stake / Flatbed Trucks
  • Forestry / Landscape / Chipper Trucks
  • Grapple / K-Boom Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Salt Trucks
  • Hooklift Trucks

Our Process:

Check In:

  • Fast Action spends several hours checking a truck in and determining the amount of work necessary to fully recondition the entire vehicle
  • Evaluation of all exterior components,, and the body
  • Replacement parts ordered and a detailed estimate is created


Prep Work:

Fast Action spends an average of 12 hours preparing the cab and chassis for reconditioning. The process begins by steam washing the entire truck, removing years of built-up grease, dirt, and oil from the frame, engine bay, and all moving parts. Damaged seats, dashboards, and headliners are pulled to be repaired or replaced.


Check In and Prep:

  •  Fast Action will evaluate the condition of the body for repair or replacement
  •  If a fix is possible, Fast Action will advise what specific maintenance and refurbishing will be necessary
  • If replacement is recommended, Fast Action will provide an estimated cost for the replacement
  • All body and component work connected to the body will follow a nearly identical process to the cab & chassis outline provided
  • Complete cosmetic repairs – recover or replace seats, dashboard, headliner, mirrors, and brackets
  • Install/ Replace fire extinguisher and triangle kit
  • Apply all safety decals and reflective tape as well as GVWR decals Add company name and D.O.T. number to driver and passenger side entrance doors.

Done Once - Done Right - Done Fast