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Dump Truck Body Painting

A dump truck or a tipper truck, is a machinery truck used for transporting heavy materials at the back of it. It carries materials like sand or gravel for the work of construction. It is a large truck that is responsible for exchanging loaded materials.

Why is Dump Truck Body Painting important?

Dump Truck body painting is an essential method of keeping the truck as new as possible. It utilizes different ways of structuring the truck through the color coating, sanding, and removal of dirt.

Reasons to paint your dump truck body

It gives a new look: Dump truck body painting is a great way of providing a new look to your truck. Your truck can wear off with the old rust and dirt. Through the use of different colors and coats, your truck can renew and receive a new look. So what are you waiting for? Fast Action Body Repair focuses on executing your dump truck in the newest way possible by painting it with high-quality paints.

Cleans the dump truck: Dump truck body painting involves cleaning the truck before jumping into the paint. Our service removes off all the dirt, stains, mud, dust and harmful bacterias. We seek the importance of rigidly cleaning your truck so that it helps the paint to stick in the best form. Cleaning the dump truck also offers different benefits like healthiness, shininess, hygiene and prevent from causing further more damage.

Renew every part: Many customers have little to no idea that dump truck body painting rejuvenates and renews every part of the vehicle. How does it do that? We check every minute damage in the car and ensure in giving it good mechanical work. Doing so enables the truck to renew at its best. Therefore, this is another great advantage of dump truck body painting.

Repairs the damage: Isn't it great that dump truck body painting helps repair little too big damages lurking around the truck? Believe it or not, Fast Action Body Repair attempts to clear any damage existing on your truck, which is one big reason why dump truck body painting is essential.

Colour coats: We offer different colors for dumping truck body painting. From your cab and to the hood, we bring various colors to give your truck that edge and freshness.

Allows customization: At Fast Action Body Repair, we specialize in bringing you the efficient and reliable way by allowing customization. Yes, you can list out your dump truck body requirements, and we will follow them according to your specifications. We are here to deliver the best and quick service to our customers. Whatever your demand is, we will fulfill it in no time. All you have to do is simply give a call and customize your dump truck body painting in your way.

Final thoughts

Whether you like it or not, dump truck body painting gives many benefits to your truck. From renewing it as a new truck to removing any bacteria inside it, dump truck body painting is a complete advantage for an efficient and well-organized truck.

Truck Body Repair Inside Fast Action
Truck Body Repair Fast Action

Fast Action has over 10 years of extensive experience restoring used commercial trucks to extend the lifetime of a service vehicle and provide a higher return on investment.


  • Fast Action spends several hours checking a truck in and determining the amount of work
    necessary to fully recondition the entire vehicle
  • Evaluation of all exterior components,, and the body
  • Replacement parts ordered and a detailed estimate is created.
  • Fast Action spends an average of 12 hours preparing the cab and chassis for reconditioning.
    The process begins by steam washing the entire truck, removing years of built-up
  • Grease and Dirt from the Frame and Engine Bay
  • Damaged seats, dashboards, and headliners are pulled to be repaired or replaced.


  • Fast Action will evaluate the condition of the body for repair or replacement
  • If a fix is possible, Fast Action will advise what specific maintenance and refurbishing will be necessary
  • If replacement is recommended, Fast Action will provide an estimated cost for the replacement
  • All body and component work connected to the body will follow a nearly identical process to the cab & chassis outline provided
  • Install/ Replace fire extinguisher and triangle kit
  • Complete cosmetic repairs – recover or replace seats, dashboard, headliner, mirrors, and brackets
  • Apply all safety decals and reflective tape as well as GVWR decals Add company name and D.O.T. number to driver and passenger side entrance doors.
Fast Action Truck Body Repair- Refurbished

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