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Repair of Fiberglass Truck Panels

Buying your very own truck is indeed exciting and probably one of the happiest moments of your life. However, you need to make sure that you maintain it properly. Out of the many things you can do, you could opt for fiberglass truck panels. But what happens when, over time, the panels start wearing off? That’s easy. You can always contact us for the repair of fiberglass truck panels!


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When Is The Right Time For Repair Of Fiberglass Truck Panels?

The moment you install fiberglass truck panels to your truck, you expose them to numerous ways of damages. It is only evident that they will start being more prone to damage in a few years’ time. Listed below are four ways in which you can recognize when the right time is for the repair of fiberglass truck panels:

  1. A Hole

When you notice a hole in the fiberglass truck panel, it is probably time to get it repaired. This hole could be due to an impact or cutting. Sometimes, these holes are limited to surfacing skins.

  1. A Tear

The fiberglass truck panel can develop a tear when the laminate starts failing and the composite part’s strength has exceeded. If not taken care of, it will result in a fracture, which will then ultimately extend through the substrate.

  1. Delamination

The process of delamination happens due to stress or impact across or between the layers. It will result in the separation of the layers from each other.

  1. A crushed core

When you notice a crushed core, it could be due to an impact that forced the laminate’s composite skin to deflect. This kind of damage happens only to those parts that contain sandwich core materials.

Why Choose Fast Action Body Repair?

Whatever kind of damage it be, we will ensure to take care of the damage and repair it with the help of our skilled professionals. After all, you wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket getting new panels when they are easily repairable, would you? We will ensure that your fiberglass truck panel looks and feels the way it was when you first bought it!

One of the many reasons you should choose us for the repair of fiberglass truck panels is that we provide you with written guarantees and free estimates as well. Not only that, but we can also team up with your truck insurance company claims in the event of accident damages.

Whether it’s cracks, holes, or collision repair you’re looking for, we got it covered for you! You can expect our job to be done within five days or lesser, depending on the damage. After completion, we will send an email to you of the estimates along with pictures that were taken before the commencement of the repair.

So, you don’t really need any other reason not to trust us for all your fiberglass truck panel repairs, do you? Make sure to contact us or book an appointment online. You could also schedule a meeting with our customer care representative if you want to show your truck beforehand.