Our Paint services will make your truck look better than its original factory specification without the long waiting time.

Body Repair

Regardless the type of damage, our skilled Body Repair Technicians will be able to get any damage repaired in a timely manner.


With our specialized equipment and staff we breathe new life into almost any truck chassis.


From hole repair to fabrication of new parts, we'll keep your truck looking and running its best.


Fiberglass hull repairs and full body paint jobs.

Welcome to Fast Action Body Repair

Our body shop performs all kinds of body repair services to any type of truck, There is no task too big or small.
We want you to feel confident that when you are getting work done at Fast Action, you are getting the very best quality, and attention to detail money can buy.

Repair services aren’t the only things our body shops do, our work is exceptional and has actually made quite a name for itself. When you want to us to personalize your truck, the alternatives are unlimited – If you can dream it, we can do it, and we have the knowledge to make it come to life.

Over 10 years, we have helped customers with their truck painting and collision repair services. Our commitment is to put out the best possible product, make the experience easy while providing the fastest turnaround time possible


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Truck Refurbishment:

Reconditioning and refurbishing entirely rebuilds the exterior of your truck. A good truck rehabilitation job can extend the life of your commercial vehicle for up to ten years! Fast Action offers a cost savings reconditioning solution that gives those older trucks new life.

Fleet Maintenance:

Keeping your fleet looking it’s best is essential, however it can often slow down your day-to-day fleet productivity and increase costs, not to mention the added expenses and loss of time in organizing all the parties to fix it. Let a Fast Action Fleet Specialist handle your problems for you, quickly and easily!

RV and Motor Home Cosmetic Services:

Image is everything, and Fast Action can help you keep your motorhome looking new for many years to come.
Our fiberglass workmanship will have your motorhome looking as if it has never been painted. It is seen in every detail, leaving your recreational vehicle showroom ready.

Who We Are

Our objective is to help business tell stories that will inspire customers to act My team comes first. I know most businesses put their customers first, but I believe that happy employees make happy customers. I’m so grateful that I have a motivated team that takes pride in their work. Our ultimate objective is to provide the highest quality repairs in the shortest amount of time possible. You may pay less somewhere else, but if the job takes twice as long to complete – did you really save money? My best customer is an educated customer. A customer that understands that price is not the only deciding factor in shopping. Value is the most critical component. If you value quality, honesty, quick turnaround time at a reasonable price, we’re a marriage made in heaven. I do this work I do because I love it. I like the people I meet. I like to talk shop, and I have the best team in the business. So in the meantime, if you're looking for a quality paint job, need something welded on your truck, have overhead damage, need to repair a roll-up door, or anything similar, look no further.




There is no question that a collision is a problem. It usually takes longer than promised and sometimes the quality of work is doubtful. We take the time to understand your needs as well as your timeframe and then work within those parameters to get your truck back on the road as soon as possible. It is our objective to free your mind of these issues and make your experience as pain-free as possible.