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Truck Frames

Is there any structural damage to your truck? Collisions (both with moving and fixed objects) can frequently damage your truck’s key structural points, affecting its unibody or chassis and making it unsafe to drive.

While repairing this structural damage is possible, a high quality job requires a high-quality (and experienced) technician. Moreover, because truck frame repairs are often so expensive, it helps to do business with a reputable custom restoration shop that is committed to keeping the costs as low as possible.

Keeping costs low and attention to detail high, we pride ourselves on getting our vehicles back in pristine shape in no time.

When it comes to auto frame correction, we are the commercial vehicle frame specialists.Truck Frame Repair in New york

A damaged car or truck frame can cause suspension misalignment, leading to tire wear and/or handling problems. Our trained technicians provide auto frame repair and auto frame correction services based on manufacturers’ standards. Fast Action Body Repair is your New York local auto frame repair specialist focused on getting your fleet back on the road quickly and safely.

Truck Frame Straightening

With frame damage as common as it is (accounting for roughly 50% of all auto accidents), our auto body shop technicians get a lot of experience frame straightening trucks. This complex process involves using an auto body frame machine that applies torque and leverage to push a truck's frame back into its pre-existing shape. On-board measuring systems then verify that the adjustments are made correctly, ensuring that the frame is restored to the manufacturer’s exact specifications and that the vehicle drives correctly. Contact us today to learn more about our unique truck frame straightening process.

Truck Frame Welding Repair

For cracked panels or chassis, rust patches, or punctures in the body of your truck, welding repair is yet another popular and efficient option for extensive bodywork repairs. Easily accomplished by an experienced MIG welder, welding enables you to save time and money by fixing the problem instead of replacing the parts themselves. As an added benefit, welding provides significantly more control over the repair process, enabling you to accomplish more intricate projects and achieve the structural aesthetic you want. At Fast Action Body Repair, we provide expert level welding repair assistance for any and all types of trucks, regardless of the make, model, or type.

Welding & Fabrication

Fabrication Services:

Shearing, cutting, sawing, punching, drilling, forming, plate rolling, precision bending, welding, painting, finishing, refinishing, assembly, and sub-assemblies.


Arc, TIG, MIG, Flux Core, Stud and Spot welding.


We work with non-ferrous metals & ferrous metals, such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, and copper.

The Process to restore and paint a Truck Chassis:

1. Dustless Media Blast

We blast the chassis using our environmental-friendly Dustless Media Blaster (uses recycled glass) until we reach the bare metal.



2. Surface Rust Removal

We then coat the raw metal frame with an extra-heavy structural-steel epoxy primer that will protect this frame from rust, salt damage and all forms of oxidation.We use an industrial strength structural Steel Primer by Sherwin- Williams

3. Chassis Painting

The last two processes are combined into one: A coat of a water-based polyurethane sealer is mixed into the enamel paint in the color of choice.

After all, parts are removed or thoroughly protected, media blasting strips the surface to bare metal so that the new coat of paint adheres smoothly to a new porous surface. This process removes the rust to make equipment last longer and look great.