The Revolution has already started.

Dustless Blasting is the New King.

Fast Action understands that construction equipment owners spend several thousands of dollars on heavy equipment, and the liability of not caring for it probably could put you in the poorhouse. Since rust, dirt, gravel, and sand are an unavoidable part of our world, it's essential to clean and maintain equipment regularly. Not only because the appearance of your equipment represents your brand, but because proper cleaning and restoration will uncover hidden problems such as leaks and cracks that can quickly grow into a much more considerable expense.

It doesn't matter whether it's a bulldozer, a backhoe, a tract or, an excavator, a cranes or a forklift; they can all be completely restored and refinished by using dustless blasting. The water, glass, and high pressure, in our process will remove even the most industrial grade paints off of heavy equipment. Watch our Youtube Video- You won't believe your eyes when you see years of rust, paint, and buildup disappear.

The Death of Sandblasting

The future of media blasting is here.

Dustless Blasting can remove Any coating from ANY surface quickly, safely and correctly. This revolutionary media blasting technology uses a mixture of Air, Water and Media that is environmentally friendly and EPA approved. We use water and recycled glass, which is Silica free and safe for people and the environment. This process is perfect for automotive, marine, commercial, industrial, municipal and residential applications.

Call us with your application, and we'll tell you if dustless blasting is right for you.

No coating is too tough

-Dust is at a minimum. The presence of water eliminates the dust. This process encapsulates the abrasive and minimizes the amount of abrasive that floats in the air.

Lower cost than sandblasting

-Dustless blasters use less abrasive. The process also uses less media while doing more work.

Say Goodbye to warping

-There is no warping with dustless blasting. Sandblasting can warp thin metal because the friction generates heat. This is not the case with dustless blasting because water prevents friction, actually cooling the surface. No warping will occur.

With proper Surface Preparation, using a dustless blaster is environmental. The use of glass is safer because it does not contain free silica, which is the cause of silicosis.



7 Reasons You will Fall in Love with Dustless Blasting

Performing a proper chassis restoration is a specialty, and Fast Action has the tools to make it happen!

Traditional sandblasting can damage a frame with warping. Dustless Blasting won’t.

Dustless blasting reduces heat and friction, leaving the surface perfectly prepared and paint ready.

For antique car restoration, this is the perfect solution. The last thing you want to do is damage such a rare automotive while removing paint.

Dustless blasting can strip years of rust and oxidation and leaving your vehicle good as new and ready to be freshly painted.

As an automotive paint stripper, dustless blasting leaves the car surface spotless, while still being faster than all other methods.

Classic car restoration no longer has to be a huge process!

This process is enviorementaly safe. We us no harsh chemicals or pollutants. Glass and Just add water!