Commercial Dustless Blasting

The Revolution has already started.

Dustless Blasting is the New King.

As a full-service Dustless Blasting Company here in Queens, New York. We lead the in dustless blasting services. No job is too large! We strive to get all kinds of surfaces restored, clean, and looking as GREATER than new!

Dustless Blasting can remove...

  • Remove Rust
  • Remove Salt Damage
  • Remove Paint
  • Remove Primer
  • Remove Body Filler
  • Remove Undercoating
  • Remove Powder coating
  • Remove Chrome finish
  • Remove Chloride
  • Clean pavers
  • Remove Parking lot stripes
  • Clean Stone
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Clean/Restore Bricks

The description of what Fast Action does varies greatly. Some call it power washing, pressure washing, power cleaning, dust-free blasting, dustless blasting, eco-cleaning and on some occasions low-pressure washing. Dustless Blasting is an innovative process that delivers efficient and fast restoration all while caring for the environment!

Need to maintain or restore the walls on your commercial building or walkways? Concrete, stone, brick, limestone, metal; Dustless blasting is the best solution for restoring all types of stone, pavers, and masonry, to maintain that brand-new look at your business.

This is the fastest and most effective method to restore surfaces to their original luster without causing any damage to the original materials.

Brick buildings look like new! The process will take years of age off of surfaces.

With the eco-friendly process, you are not endangering anyone near the worksite. Everything is ready for use immediately! Our mobile dustless blasting ensures that we can travel to your location in New York and Long Island to perform a high-quality commercial restoration.